116th Air Control Squadron Makes Waves at the Oregon Coast
142nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Aug. 9, 2019 | 2:07
Oregon Air National Guard's 116th Air Control Squadron (ACS), located at Camp Rilea, Warrenton, Oregon, is a deployable radar/communications unit with superior mobility and response to global and local missions. The Unit is comprised of more than 150 members who support Air Control and Combat Communications.

The operational mission of a CRC is to provide the Joint/Combined Forces Air Component Commander (J/CFACC) with the means to direct and execute air operations. The CRC provides the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) the primary interface for centralized command of BMC2 agencies from all the services contributing to the air campaign plan. The CRC may be responsible for: battle management, surveillance, weapons control, combat airspace management and data link management.

Package includes interview from Maj. Colin Wyatt, Director of Operations / 116th Air Control Squadron

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