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  • The French Farm Girl of the Flying Field: Yvette Hamel and the 371st Fighter Group

    It was the summer of 1944 in Normandy, France. In June, Allied forces had successfully landed on the European continent and began the great campaign across northwestern Europe to defeat Nazi Germany. Within days of the landing, aviation engineers carved out advanced landing grounds (ALGs) to be used by forward-deploying tactical air forces. One of
  • Those were the days: An Oregon Airman remembers the Oregon Maneuver of 1943

    Aug. 1 marks 70 years since the start of the largest military maneuver ever held in the Pacific Northwest - the Oregon Maneuver of 1943. This is my recollection of the events of that maneuver, which lasted for 90 days, from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31, 1943. I was an original member of the 123rd Observation Squadron of the Oregon National Guard. Through
  • Oregon Air National Guard Recruiting: 1973 through 1977

    The Vietnam conflict was winding down in 1973, so the "all volunteer force" became a new challenge for the armed forces, including the Air National Guard. Up until then, the Oregon Air National Guard remained near the 100 percent manning goal because of the selective service draft.Maj. Gen. I.G. Brown, Air National Guard director at that time,
  • History of Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (T-Bird) in Oregon Air National Guard Service

    The Lockheed T-33A T-Bird is important to Oregon's aviation history in support of the air defense mission. It was instrumental in the 142nd Fighter Group's recognition for several achievements and awards.In its support roll, The T-Bird was used as a target, to tow electronic targets, deploy chaff and for aircrew check flight qualifications. It
  • Keeping an attitude for fitness

    It's a hot July afternoon at the Portland Air National Guard Base, in Portland, Ore., as the 142nd Fighter Wing Vice Commander Col. Matthew Schuster and Executive Officer Maj. Frank Page take off for an afternoon run. It would be easy for Schuster to skip the workout and catch up on work in the office or other pressing task, yet like most fighter
  • The 371st Fighter Group on D-Day, June 6, 1944

    June 6, 1944, will always be remembered for the successful landings by Allied forces on the beaches in Normandy, France. We should also remember the contributions of the Airmen who helped make that outcome possible. Some 8,000 Allied aircraft of all types were available for D-Day operations, and played a key role in the pre-invasion preparations as
  • Springtime Tears: Remembering the Oregon Air National Guard's first postwar losses

    It was two weeks before Memorial Day, 1948, when the searchers found them. More than a month had passed in the spring of 1948 since three Oregon Air National Guard Airmen had gone missing in one of the 142nd Fighter Group's Douglas A-26 Invader light bombers. Capt. Alexander J. McCorkel, 26, Master Sgt. John W. Shaylor, 30, and Private First Class
  • The Brothers Bigelow

    A unique aspect of the National Guard is that members of the same family often serve in the military at the same time together or perchance even in the same unit. The odds are, at almost any given time on the flight line of the Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Ore., any member of the 142nd Fighter Wing can bump into a Bigelow brother
  • Ceremony honors six Oregon Airmen

    PORTLAND AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Portland Ore.- In a rare break with normal ceremonial protocol, the commander of Air Force Special Operations Command invited family members onto the stage for photos following the pinning of each of the five Bronze Star Medals and one Purple Heart Medal awarded to members of the Oregon Air National Guard's 125th
  • Redhawks Welcome a New Commander

    PORTLAND AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Portland, Ore.-- Oregon Air National Guard Col. Richard W. Wedan, former 142nd Fighter Wing vice commander, assumed command of the 142nd Fighter wing from Col. Michael E. Stencel during a change of command ceremony Dec. 2. The wing's colors were passed to Wedan during the ceremony, heavy with the responsibility and