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  • Airman’s Idea pays off in time and money

    Under the Air Force's "Every Dollar Counts" campaign, an Oregon Air National Guard Airman's innovative idea will help save time in the work place and more than 2 million dollars when implemented Air Force wide.Master Sgt. Michael Chandler, 142nd Fighter Wing Aircraft Maintenance avionics back shop technician, was working on a better way to test the
  • Oregon’s National Guard State 1961 Basketball Champions

    At first glance, one might think this is a lead-in to a story about your favorite NCAA college basketball team during the month of "March Madness," but the give-a-ways are the vintage 1961 uniforms with the 'Oregon ANG' logo on them.In late January of 1961, a total of 11 basketball teams were organized within the Oregon Army and Air National Guard.
  • A Redhawk's Honor Flight

    Despite the fact that World War II was the largest conflict in the nation's history, for many years there was no memorial to the men and women who served our country in that global conflict. This included the men who served in Oregon's first aviation unit, the 123rd Observation Squadron, known at the 123rd Fighter Squadron today. The 123d was
  • Four Fans Turning: The Oregon Air National Guard' s C-130 Hercules Program

    Note: This article is a companion piece to the December, 2013, 142FW history article titled "Enlisted Aircrew of the Oregon Air Guard: Strangers to the Ground."Following the service of Oregon Air National Guard (OreANG) enlisted aircrew aboard piston-engine support aircraft such as the C-47, C-54 and C-131, a new generation of enlisted aircrew took
  • Redhawks over Iraq: The ORANG and the Iraqi No-Fly Zone Experience – Part 1

    When most Americans think of our military involvement in the Middle East, they tend to think of the post 9/11 period. But America's Airmen have been flying over and fighting in the region for a much longer period of time, including the long "Iraqi no-fly zone era," which lasted between 1991 and 2003.As part of the "Total Force," of Active Duty,
  • Enlisted Aircrew of the Oregon Air Guard: Strangers to the ground

    When it was established in 1947, the U.S. Air Force established the enlisted aircrew badge (wings) and at the same time the Oregon Air National Guard (OreANG) assigned their first group of enlisted aircrew (1946-1951). All had earned the aircrew badge during World War II.The second and last group of Oregon Air National Guard enlisted aircrew were
  • They Served in Korea: Korean War Veterans who joined the OreANG after the War

    This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Armistice in Korea, which went into effect in July of 1953. Although major hostilities were ended, deadly incidents frequently occurred and tensions on the Korean peninsula remain heightened to this day. Members of the Oregon Air National Guard contributed to the war effort in Korea, both directly and
  • Artist and Aircraft mechanic Airman 1st Class Robert Thomas

    The artist is "A1C Robert Thomas," an Oregon Air Guardsman from 1968 to 1974, who served in aircraft maintenance with the 142d Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (142nd CAMS). He presently lives near the Air Base and has an art business in downtown Portland,In May 1973 he drew 21 black ink drawings of OreANG members in action at the base,
  • The 142d Fighter Wing Remembers its Missing In Action (MIAs)

    National POW/MIA Recognition Day gives us solemn occasion to remember those who served and sacrificed to defend our freedom and liberty. The 142d Fighter Wing's history reflects POWs and MIAs from both World War II and the Korean War. In this year's historical remembrance, we will focus on those who remain missing, all from the Second World War.The
  • The Oregon Air National Guard and the Korean War: Remembering the Call to Active Duty, 1951

    In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the armistice that halted hostilities in Korea, we remember the Oregon Air Guardsmen who served the nation during that conflict. When the Oregon Air National Guard (OreANG) was called to active duty for 21 months in 1951, many of the 142d Fighter Group's personnel remained here at Portland, OR, and the