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  • Two brothers march alongside their father

    He speaks quickly with a certain believability and earnestness about him and sports a fresh, short haircut not 2 days old. Perhaps that's because he's trying to set an example. As a First Sergeant in the Oregon Air National Guard, Senior Master Sgt. John Phillips reports directly to the 142nd Fighter Wing commander on matters of enlisted morale,
  • First Blood in the Air

    During World War II the 142nd Fighter Wing was designated as the 371st Fighter Group, a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter unit that flew combat in the European Theater of Operations. As such, the 142FW inherited the lineage and honors of the 371st Fighter Group. Accomplishments of the 371FG are the 142nd's, and worth remembering and commemorating.One of
  • New base service station opens

    After nearly three years of planning and construction, a new fueling station for base government vehicles opened here yesterday during a formal ceremony hosted by the 142nd Fighter Wing Logical Readiness Squadron (LRS). "I am really happy to have this place open," remarked Col. Jeff Hwang, 142nd Fighter Wing Vice Commander, prior to cutting the
  • D-Day, June 6, 1944, The Longest Day

    Few people might recognize the connections between the 142nd Fighter Wing and the D-Day landings in Normandy seventy years ago, but there are some people should be apprised of; both individually and organizationally, the wing has ties to the landings at Normandy, 70 years ago. Airpower played a vital role in the defeat of the Axis in World War II,
  • The Oregon Air National Guard Memorial Park

    As Memorial Day approaches our nation prepares to honor those members of the unit who have fallen in the service of our country. Members of the Oregon Air National Guard stationed at the Portland Air National Guard Base, the Oregon ANG Memorial Park, which is dedicated to members of the organization who have lost their lives in the line of duty
  • Airmen Remember the Holocaust

    The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as America's annual commemoration of the Holocaust. Holocaust Remembrance Day is Monday, April 28, 2014.Though the terrible events of that time happened a long way away from Oregon, the Oregon Air National Guard has some history related to it which is appropriate to recall for such an
  • A Somber Thursday, 20 April 1944

    Thursday, April 20, 1944, was a day of sacrifice for four Airmen with a connection to the Oregon Air National Guard. The day began as any other for Airmen serving their country in a time of war, but ended somberly. During the day of  April 20, Capt. Elkin L. Franklin, Jr., the Operations Officer of the 404th Fighter Squadron, was on detached
  • When a Scorpion saved a Swift

    It was the 23rd birthday of the Oregon Air National Guard, and the crew of a 142nd Fighter Group fighter-interceptor was on duty, taking their Northrop F-89J Scorpion two-seat jet fighter-interceptor on a cross-country flight from Portland Air Base down to McClellan AFB, California. It was not to be a routine flight.On April 18, 1964, then Maj.
  • The Curtain is raised for the 371st Fighter Group in the European Theatre of Operations

    April 12, 1944, is a banner day in the history of the 371st Fighter Group, and thus for the 142nd Fighter Wing, which inherited the lineage and honors of the 371st. It is the day upon which the World War II P-47 fighter group flew its first combat missions in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO). It was also the first day the unit ever suffered
  • Honored Air Guard Special Tactics Airmen reflect core values of talented unit

    They left behind civilian jobs or college class rooms to deploy, chancing their own safety to protect their teammates and carry out grueling operations that changed virtually every day during their six months in combat. Hometown heroes Doug Matthews, Matthew Matlock, Christopher Jones and George Thompson were honored this week. In a ceremony