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  • Local Resident Wins State Motorcycle Safety Award

    TEAM OREGON Motorcycle Safety Program recognized Ken West of Lake Oswego for its Lifetime Achievement award Saturday, November 8 at its annual awards banquet.The award honors a veteran motorcycle safety instructor with outstanding energy, dedication and excellence in service to the motorcyclists of Oregon. "It's not enough to just talk the talk.
  • Like something you would see in the movies

    Down came the rain.  And it rained and it rained and it poured.  It was miserable weather for flying for man and fowl alike - in fact, there wasn't much of any flying going on. So it was at Dole/Tavaux Airfield (also known as Advanced Landing Ground Y-7) in France in late October, 1944, where elements of the 371st Fighter Group hunkered down and
  • "Mister Maintenance"- Remembering Chief Warrant Officer W4 Jack H. Cronise

    Mr. Jack H. Cronise (May 3, 1924 - Feb. 17,  2009) was an icon in the Oregon Air National Guard's aircraft maintenance history.  His total aviation career spanned a world war and two conflicts since his enlistment in 1943.  Jack served 43 years in the military. He held every enlisted rank before being commissioned as a Warrant Officer in 1956. 
  • Caged Thunderbolt: The POW experience of William Schleppegrell

    Tail End Charlie.  That was where his name was on the schedule posted on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31st, 1944.  2nd Lt. William V. Schleppegrell in the 405th Fighter Squadron of the 371st Fighter Group, who had completed 16 combat missions to date, was to fly the number 12 position in the formation of 12 aircraft scheduled for a mission on Jan. 1st,
  • An Honor and a Privilege: Commemorating our Military Aviation Heritage with the 381st Bombardment Group (Heavy)

    It was an annual reunion of the 381st Bombardment Group (Heavy), a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber outfit based at Ridgefield, England during World War II.  The group, with the motto "Triumphant We Fly," flew nearly 300 combat missions in the European theater of Operations (ETO), but in early September, 2014, group members flew to Portland,
  • New aircraft shelters a haven for Eagles

    Winter, spring, summer or fall; each of these seasons ushers in distinctive environments for air and maintenance crews who work on the flightline. With nine new aircraft shelters recently installed here, all four seasons are now covered when it comes to protecting the base's F-15 Eagles from the elements. Installation of the shelters mitigates
  • “Cool Ride II” – The Oregon Air National Guard’s Alaska Deployment of 1969

    The Oregon Air National Guard (OreANG) deployed many times outside the State of Oregon in the 1950's as an entire Group. The 1969 Alaska deployment was an entire Group and the first out of state, more than 1200 air miles away. It also was the last OreANG Fighter Group major deployment.Forty five years ago, on January 9, 1969, the National Guard
  • Annual Training at Gowen Field, 1954: Part 2 - The Ground Echelon

    The Oregon Air National Guard's (OreANG) 1954 annual training, held from 13 to 27 June at Gowen Field, Idaho, was an important event for the National Guard as well as for the OreANG.Gowen Field was one of seven National Guard field training sites across the country, the first established and the largest of them, beginning this use in March of 1952
  • Annual Training at Gowen Field, 1954: Part 1 - Flight Operations

    Note: This is the first of a two-part series of articles about the OreANG's annual training of 1954. Part 1 covers flight operations, and Part 2 will discuss the ground echelon's role.It was a time of firsts at the Oregon Air National Guard's (OreANG) annual training, held from 13 to 27 June 1954 at Gowen Field, Idaho.The summer encampment of 1954
  • Focused training allows Guardsmen to enhance their roles as Sexual Assault Victim Advocates

    The training can be both challenging and supportive, as trained professionals and instructors assisted victim advocates comprehend their roles, and process cases that involve sexual abuse and assault.The three days of instruction and class work, held here June 24-26, allowed members of the Oregon Army and Air National Guard bolster their skills and