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  • 142nd Force Support Squadron conducts wing readiness training

    During the early morning August sun, a combined effort from the guardsmen of the 142nd Force Support Squadron during their four day August drill at the Portland Air National Guard Base, was to perform a number of field training taskings, including the building of a mobile food service field tent for operational use.142nd Sustainment Services Flight
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Blended Retirement System

    1. You can stick with the legacy pension plan All members serving as of December 31, 2017, are grandfathered under the legacy retirement system. No one currently-serving will be automatically switched to the Blended Retirement System (BRS). Though they are grandfathered under the legacy retirement system, Active Component Service members with fewer
  • Pilots receive invaluable training at the Sentry Savannah 17-2 exercise

    Approximately 140 Airmen and eight F-15C Eagles from the 142nd Fighter Wing, Oregon Air National Guard, participate in the Sentry Savannah 17-2 exercise January and February 2017 at the Air Dominance Center in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Fitzgerald remembers flying and leadership challenges upon retirement

    Most fighter pilots can trace their aspirations to fly from an experience early in life. Often the stimulus comes from a family connection or the rush of seeing and hearing a jet performance in person. For Col. Paul T. Fitzgerald, a trip with a classmate to Luke Air Force Base, Arizona cast the die for a career in the cockpit."I was about 9-10 at
  • Portland Pilots join Sentry Aloha

    Hawaii, is known for its prime vacation destination, known for the amazing ocean views and the sweet smell of flowers. It's also a great location for military training.  Sentry Aloha is an exercise that provides the opportunity for numerous pilots from a variety of aircraft, to train together in a large exercise with vast air space and little
  • Oregon Guardsmen team up to host 46th year of kids' camp

    Trepidation, disbelief, anxiety... these emotions and more were seen on the faces of the 160 or so kids as they stepped off the bus on day 1 to the bumping music, high fives and cheers from the staff and counselors at Camp Rosenbaum. Fast forward 5 days and their faces now show excitement, joy, contentment.Camp Rosenbaum 2016 began Sunday and came
  • The Birth Pangs of Portland ANG Base – Part III: Dedication and Development

    One key item of the base infrastructure was apparently overlooked in the construction directive for the base - there was no flagpole.  The public became aware of the shortfall and several offers of provision were received at the base.  The pole finally accepted came from the US Forest Service and they transported a tree from the Mt. Hood area.  The

    The 142nd Fighter Wing introduced Green Dot training during the regularly scheduled drill, June 4-5, to counteract interpersonal violence here.The culture within the U.S. Air Force has been changing, and helping to drive that cultural change is Senior Master Sgt. Bobbi Kennedy, Green Dot coordinator for the 142nd Fighter Wing."Green Dot is a
  • Remembering Thad C. Williams

    On Memorial Day we remember and honor the service and sacrifice of the men and women in the armed services who have died defending our country and citizens.The Oregon Air National Guard remembers and commemorates the loss of unit members in defense of the nation.  During World War II, Oregon's first military aviation unit, the 123rd Observation
  • The Birth Pangs of Portland ANG Base – Part II: Major Units Arrive

    With construction of Portland Army Air Base's (PAAB) well underway in the spring of 1941, the first "housekeeping" unit arrived by truck and train from Hamilton Field, California, the 43rd Air Base Group (Headquarters, 44th Air Base Squadron and 57th Materiel Squadron) with 17 officers and 233 enlisted men, circa 21 April 1941.  Advance elements of