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  • Born To Fly

    Growing up in Hawaii, Lt. Col. Nick Rutgers discovered, like most children, the deeper meaning of "The Aloha Spirit" -- the gift of interacting in the natural world with boundless possibilities. This aptitude only nurtured his biggest childhood dream to a grander significance."I can't remember wanting to do anything else besides being a pilot,"
  • Oregon Airmen provide care during Pacific Angel Mission

    Five members of the 142nd Fighter Wing Medical Group traveled nearly half way around the world to take part in Pacific Angel 2013-04 in Sri Lanka, July 28 - Aug 18, 2013. Pacific Angel is a United States Pacific Air Forces humanitarian mission sponsored by United States Pacific Command, which engages multiple nations in the Pacific region each
  • Embracing Grief

    "In World War II, the beauty was, it took a long time to get home -- it took time, several weeks. The same crew is together, it's not 'got your orders, pack your bags, you're out of here in two hours.' This has been going on since Vietnam. This instant travel we have now, in less than a day you can be out of there, in strip mall madness, back into