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Category: History
  • Honoring Redhawk Heritage on Veterans Day

    As we pause on this Veterans Day to honor the members of our armed services, we also celebrate our American military heritage. In doing so, we recall the achievements and sacrifices of our predecessors who served our nation. For the 142nd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard, this includes remembering the 371st Fighter Group of the Second
  • Local Fighter Pilot Recounts Being Scrambled On 9/11

    Click on link to read original story on the KATU News website. Local Fighter Pilot Recounts Being Scrambled On 9/11
  • The 142nd Fighter Wing Remembers 9/11

    As our nation pauses to reflect upon the tragic events of 9/11, we honor those thousands lost in the terrible destruction of that day. Ask just about any American who is old enough to remember, and they can probably tell you where they were and what they were doing when they learned of the brutal attacks against our nation ten years ago.For Oregon

    Click on link to read the original Airman Online magazine story: A Noble Cause
  • 142nd Fighter Wing Celebrates ORANG's 70th Anniversary

    It was on Friday, April 18, 1941, at the Swan Island Airport in Portland, Oregon, when the 123rd Observation Squadron was activated and thus became the first aviation element of Oregon's National Guard. Last Friday, April 15, beneath a large American flag in the Rosenbaum Hangar at Portland Air National Guard Base, around a stage trimmed with red,