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  • Cascadia Rising exercise pushes Guardsmen to the brink

    In the early morning hours of June 7, a massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific Northwest, generating a tsunami as the two natural disasters combined to create a devastated blow to the region. Before nightfall, crews of highly trained first responders from the Oregon National Guard are setting up mobile treatment facilities as
  • Born To Fly

    Growing up in Hawaii, Lt. Col. Nick Rutgers discovered, like most children, the deeper meaning of "The Aloha Spirit" -- the gift of interacting in the natural world with boundless possibilities. This aptitude only nurtured his biggest childhood dream to a grander significance."I can't remember wanting to do anything else besides being a pilot,"
  • Multi-state Air National Guardsmen attend Contemporary Base Issue course in Oregon

    The 142nd Fighter Wing hosted over 200 Air National Guardsmen from around the country in a two-day Contemporary Base Issues course held at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Oregon, February 19-20, 2016.The Contemporary Base Issues (CBI) course is taught by Air National Guard Judge Advocate Generals (JAG).  The primary goal of the CBI course is to allow
  • Portland fighter pilot reaches 3,000 flying hours in F-15

    Colonel Adam "Khan" Sitler joined an elite group of fighter pilots to reach 3,000 flight hours in an F-15 Eagle, Feb. 18 at Portland Air National Guard Base, Oregon. Sitler, an F-15 instructor pilot and the 142nd Operations Group Commander, crossed that threshold during a routine training mission here. He is the 99th pilot on record with Boeing as
  • Oregon Guardsmen fly, shoot live missiles at WSEP exercise

    "Fly, fight, win" is exactly what a group of 142nd Fighter Wing F-15 Eagle pilots, maintainers, weapons loaders and support personnel did during a two-week weapons systems evaluation program (WSEP) known as Combat Archer at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, from Jan. 25 through Feb 5.As part of the exercise, Airmen flew the jets, loaded and shot
  • Portland Air Guard pilots play offense for Super Bowl 50

    When Super Bowl 50 kicked off on Feb. 7, the only airborne threats fans had to worry about were deep passes -- thanks in part to the presence of pilots assigned to the 142nd Fighter Wing at Portland Air National Guard Base."We work in coordination with other entities to ensure public safety during high profile events such as the Super Bowl," said
  • Redhawks launch Comprehensive Airman Fitness program

    As the new year beings, Airmen at the 142nd Fighter Wing here were introduced during the Regular Scheduled Drill (RSD) to a catalog packed with activities designed to improve the total overall well-being of the force.The Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) program is a holistic approach to cultivate Airmen's health and resiliency. Under a four
  • Suicide rates up for military, veterans – Help is available!

    Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for Americans, and military veterans make up 20 percent of suicide deaths each year. This is an alarming figure, considering that in 2012 only about 13 percent of U.S. adults overall were veterans."What is unique to the military is a deeply held belief of responsibility, service and duty, which makes
  • ORANG footprint at PDX ‘right sized’ to focus funding on military needs

    Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) officials from the 142nd Fighter Wing and the Port of Portland held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Portland International Airport (PDX) today at 1:00 p.m to signify the ORANG's return of 27 acres, 4 buildings and 52 percent of the west ramp of PDX to the Port of Portland.Today's ceremony was the result of an
  • Oregon Guardsmen learn the importance of public speaking from seasoned veteran

    Members of the 142nd Fighter Wing spent two days learning speech writing and delivery techniques from an industry expert during a presentation here Dec. 16-17.Dr. Rosemary King, a former speech writer for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke to Airmen about the importance of body language and speech