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  • Far from Home, Still a Family

    February 3, 2011 -- Overlooking one of the highest points at Camp Rilea, radar and communications equipment from the 116th Air Control Squadron of the Oregon Air National Guard are providing surveillance and intelligence as part of their daily mission. The airmen who are responsible for collecting the data and communicating with U.S. military
  • Explosives training rocks base

    Members of Oregon Air National Guard's 125th Special Tactics Squadron at Portland Air National Guard Base conducted explosives training on base as part of their proficiency requirement November 6, 2010.Using simulated scenarios, squadron members handled explosives, detonation cords and fuses to hone their skills as plumes of smoke and shockwaves
  • Hall of Fame Induction Honors Redhawks

    The 123rd Observation Squadron of the Oregon Air National Guard was inducted into the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Hall of Honor Oct. 17, 2010, becoming the first group or organization recognized for this honor. The 123rd Observation Squadron was the first aviation unit in the Oregon Army National Guard. The unit included members that served
  • 142nd FW UAE Deployment

    Six F-15's from the 142nd Fighter Wing Portland Oregon Air National Guard Base deployed October 2, 2010 for a month long deployment to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to support the training exercise called Iron Falcon.The month long training deployment will be provide weapons training for a number of 142nd FW pilots as well as good training for the
  • Running with Purpose

    On the streets of the east side of Portland, Oregon where mini-marts and small coffee shops stake their claim, runners gather at Floyd Light Middle School in the wee hours of the morning to run not for personal glory, but for the dreams of others.The runners sport fresh haircuts and newly printed t-shirts representing different local law
  • Oregon Leaders Rally to Promote New Job Opportunities

    The Portland Air National Guard Base hosted over 200 employers from Oregon and Southwest Washington June 4th, 2010 to help promote hiring of Veterans and retuning National Guard members.Addressing those in attendance, U.S. Senators from Oregon Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, and Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski each stressed the need for local employers to
  • Golden Eagles Come to Roost

    Two F-15 C&D model Golden Eagles arrived on base April 30, 2010 in the first wave of modified aircraft from the active duty Air Force that will eventually replace the current inventory here.The newly arrived F-15 Golden Eagles were flown here on base Thursday from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. This is a significant milestone for the unit
  • Joint Riot Control Exercise Strengthens Local Law Enforcement Ties

    Members of the 142nd Fighter Wing Security Forces Squadron participated in a joint riot control exercise with local law enforcement organizations and the 186th Military Police Company April 11, 2010. The goal of this exercise was to train airmen and soldiers in crowd management and crowd control techniques for riot scenarios they may encounter
  • TRICARE Services Available for Special Needs Families

    TRICARE beneficiaries who have family members with special needs now have access to unique services within the TRICARE program. The most important service is the TRICARE Extended Care Health Option, or ECHO. To be eligible for ECHO, a family must first enroll into its service branch's Exceptional Family Member Program. Each service branch has a
  • Fun Run prepares members for re-vamped fitness standards

    The unseasonably sunny and warm weather during the February Unit Training Assembly was the perfect setting for a fun run hosted by the 142nd Mission Support Group on February 20th, 2010. As runners and walkers huffed and puffed over the course of the 1.5-mile fitness course, the turnout was high where nearly 200 Airmen got an early start on this