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  • Air Education and Training in the 1960s

    The 1960’s saw significant growth in the education and training of Oregon’s Airmen. In a way it was fitting, as from its earliest years, Portland Air National Guard Base provided education and training for growing air forces capabilities.
  • Back on Track: 142nd Wing Airmen Resume Fitness Testing Amid Assessment Changes

    With many COVID-19 related restrictions lifted, the 142nd Wing resumed fitness testing on July 1st, 2021. The move marked a return to normalcy after the pandemic caused a pause in fitness testing last year. As Airmen resume testing, however, they may notice some changes to the Air Force fitness test.
  • 142nd Operations Group gains new commander

    Col. Aaron Mathena addresses members of the wing after assuming command of the 142nd Operations Group, July 23, 2021, Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Ore. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Steph Sawyer)Col. Mathena previously served as the 123rd Fighter Squadron Commander from 2016-2018. From there he attended the Harvard
  • About that Shark mouth on the 151 Jet…

    A shark mouth is now painted on the nose of a 123rd Fighter Squadron F-15C Eagle fighter, serial number 86-0151, at Portland Air National Guard Base, Oregon. The nose art honors a former 151 crew chief, Master Sergeant Marty Nance, who passed away in 2018. Shark mouths have been painted on military aircraft since the First World War, to intimidate a foe and also to show some fighting spirit.
  • Even Better with Age: The 142nd Wing turns 78

    Every person has a birthday, and so do organizations. This year marks the 78th anniversary of the 142nd Wing, which was initially created during the Second World War with the activation of the 371st Fighter Group on July 15, 1943.
  • The Pioneer Mustang Group’s Portland Sojourn

    The Airacobras zipped down the Willamette Valley, staying low and following the river valley south from Portland to Salem. It was a mock attack of one squadron of the Portland-based 354th Fighter Group versus another, and the 16 Airacobras led by 355th Fighter Squadron commander Major George Bickell did their best to fly low, bobbing and weaving as they kept the four-flight formation together while avoiding natural and man-made obstructions in their flight paths as well as physical contact with each other.
  • Director of the Air National Guard visits Portland ANG Base

    The director of the Air National Guard, Lt. Gen. Michael A. Loh visited the 142nd Wing at Portland Air National Guard Base, here Thursday, June 24. As the director of the ANG, Loh is responsible for formulating and overseeing all plans, policies, and programs for 140 Air National Guard bases, employing more than 108,000 service members across the United States and its territories.
  • Moving into the Jet Age in the 1950s

    The 1950s was a time of tremendous development in aviation, with many new aircraft capabilities as the transition from propeller to jet combat aircraft was completed. For the Oregon Air National Guard, this decade was marked by multiple changes in airframe.
  • Oregon Guardsmen participate in Emergency Preparedness Exercise

    Hundreds of Guardsmen gathered the week of June 13, 2021 at Camp Rilea, Oregon on the North Coast, to step up to train during a multi-day emergency preparedness exercise to sharpen their skills in case another large-scale disaster impacts Oregonians or their neighbors.
  • Portland Air Base's First Flag Day, 1941

    On Flag Day, Saturday, June 14, 1941, some 1,500 officers, enlisted men and civilians assembled for the first flag raising ceremony at PAAB. It was the first official ceremony held at the base and also served as a dedication ceremony for the new army air base.