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  • Oregon Airmen provide care during Pacific Angel Mission

    Five members of the 142nd Fighter Wing Medical Group traveled nearly half way around the world to take part in Pacific Angel 2013-04 in Sri Lanka, July 28 - Aug 18, 2013. Pacific Angel is a United States Pacific Air Forces humanitarian mission sponsored by United States Pacific Command, which engages multiple nations in the Pacific region each
  • Security Forces Airmen return from Deployment

    After more than six months deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, 26 members of the 142nd Fighter Wing Security Forces Squadron returned here to the excitement of family members, friends and co-workers, who were on hand to greet them. The Airmen departed for Al Udeid, Qatar in early Jan. of this year after pre-deployment training at
  • Guest speaker discusses bridging generational differences in the workplace

    Key events in history, which helped shape and define each generation, were the focus of a recent lecture presented to the Force Support Squadron here during the July unit training assembly at the Portland Air National Guard Base, Ore.Dr. Alan Cabelly, a professor in Human Resource Management and Leadership at Portland State University, offered
  • Oregon Combat Operations Group conducts joint training on Oregon's coast

    Nearly 250 members of the Oregon Air National Guard' s Combat Operations Group (COG) mobilized here, June 19-22 for a five-day training opportunity, which focused on constructing unit camaraderie. It is the first time the unit's Airmen have trained together en-masse.Speaking before the group on the first day of training, Col. Michael Bieniewicz,
  • LGBT military families celebrate historic event

    He said his goodbyes in secret, behind the FedEx warehouses near the Portland Air National Guard Base. He dropped his spouse off down the main road leading into the base, far away from the large group of friends and family gathered to say goodbye to their loved ones headed on deployment to Iraq in January 2009. Darin Brunstad had heard details
  • Air Guard Base Survives the Vanport Flood of 1948

    It was 65 years ago this week that Oregon's second largest city was decimated by one of the largest floods in American history. The Columbia River broke through the level on May 30, 1948 at about 4:15 p.m., and a 10-foot wall of water engulfed the city of Vanport and the Portland Air National Guard Base within hours. Vanport City was a hastily
  • Proposed Establishment and Modification of Oregon Military Training Airspace

    Proposed Establishment and Modification of Oregon Military Training AirspaceThe purpose of the proposed Oregon Airspace Initiative is to provide properly-configured and located military airspace which will provide efficient, realistic mission-oriented training with adequate size, and within reasonably close proximity, to support advanced 21st
  • National Guard Vice Chief Visits Oregon

    With a brief two-day visit to the Pacific Northwest, Lt. Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel, Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau, toured the Portland Air National Guard Base and attended a workshop for the Oregon State Partnership Program here in Portland, Ore.Gen. Lengyel took time to meet with the Airmen who call Oregon home, while receiving briefings on
  • Embracing Grief

    "In World War II, the beauty was, it took a long time to get home -- it took time, several weeks. The same crew is together, it's not 'got your orders, pack your bags, you're out of here in two hours.' This has been going on since Vietnam. This instant travel we have now, in less than a day you can be out of there, in strip mall madness, back into
  • The 142nd Fighter Wing complete Combined Unit Exercise

    Citizen Airmen the 142nd Fighter Wing completed their second in a series of Combined Unit Exercise' s at the Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Ore., from Jan. 11-13.The CUE training prepares the members and the air base for the unit's upcoming Combined Unit Inspection scheduled later in the summer.Combined Unit Inspections are mandated by