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Happy Independence Day to all our Airmen, Families, Co-workers and supporters of the 142nd Fighter Wing & Oregon Air National Guard!
125th Special Tactics airmen spent the day in the ocean for some water rescue training, here's a glimpse of what it was like!
Check out what's happening with the 116th Air Control Squadron's new modular equipment upgrades.
Frank Fay, Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager for the 142nd Fighter Wing has been passionate about supporting military families throughout his career. Fay served 23 years on active duty as a Marine and retired as a first sergeant. He deployed 11 times, including combat deployments. With 32 years of marriage and four children, he said he spent a lot of time away from home. “It takes a special kind of family to be in the military and to be able to not only survive but thrive,” said Fay. He started this latest position at the 142nd Fighter Wing April 16, 2018. In his previous role, Fay spent four years serving as the director of Marine Corps family team building. “I think what I bring to this job is a sense of understanding and empathy when it comes to the challenges of military families, whether in garrison or in times of separation or crisis,” said Fay. Having felt the stresses of deployment personally, Fay brings a unique perspective serving on the other side of the desk supporting the family side of the equation. “My goal is to help the military member focus on the mission knowing their families are back here being cared for and supported by a team, key volunteers and the family readiness program,” said Fay. Iʼm here to serve, to help airmen become better equipped,” said Fay.
Members of the 142nd Fighter Wing currently deployed to Bulgaria have been keeping busy generating air power, check out the story!
Interested in developing yourself as an Airman? Come join the Junior Enlisted Council!
The official opening of the Portland Joint Reserve Intelligence Center on base today.
123rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron members from the 142nd Fighter Wing take part in Children's Day at Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base in Bulgaria. It was a chance to show Bulgarian citizens our aircraft and build relationships with our Bulgarian friends.
Today marks 70 years since the Vanport Flood, washed away Oregon's second largest city.
Happy Armed Forces Day: Thank you to all who have given and served!
Earlier this week, Portland artist George Smolcic presented his latest glass engraving to members in the command post on base.
Introducing, the 142nd Fighter Wing Redhawk Recruiting Team! We had a blast working with them to create this video, some authentically fun and great people! This video explains the unique benefits of being in the Oregon Air National Guard, and shows how current members of the 142nd Fighter Wing can benefit from lending a hand to our recruiters. Check it out!
At the beginning of this year, Staff Sgt. Anina Anderson wanted to ‘get more involved’ with some of the pressing issues around the Portland Air National Guard Base. When she attended a Junior Enlisted Council (JEC) meeting in January for the first time, she found an organization that was ready for new leadership. “I did one of those things where I opened my mouth to discuss some ideas I had… and then four months later, I’m the JEC President,” she said, recalling the meeting with a laugh. “It was one of those times where I felt ready to get outside of my comfort zone and get involved.” The JEC brings Airman and Junior NCO’s together on base, often though volunteer activities, but also functions as an entrusted association; allowing members an open forum to discuss morale and other pressing concerns. “It is easy to be in ‘a bubble’ where you work,” she explained. “I wanted to take that next step in being a leader and challenge myself, and in doing so, hopefully, inspire others as they progress in their military careers.” Anderson has been with the 142nd Fighter Wing since she left active duty in 2014, where she was stationed at Travis Air Force Base, California, as a medical technician. Now with seven years of full-time military experience she is working on completing her Master Degree in Health Administration along with duties as the NCOIC of the PHA process for the Medical Group. “Drill weekends are always hectic, so keeping a good flow in the clinic and keeping everything running smoothly is important, which includes; medical records, scheduling, out-processing, examines…you name it, I try to be involved.” A native Oregonian, Anderson is a graduate of Reynolds High School in Troutdale and takes great pride in her alliance to the Portland Trailblazers. “Yeah, I am probably the biggest Blazer Fan on base,” proclaiming her enthusiasm for the team, and brings the same kind of energy and passion to other activities, like volunteer work on her off-duty hours. “I am doing some volunteer work at my former High School and this is the first year I have started coaching softball for a girls team of 14-year olds.” It’s this type of drive and involvement what Anderson and other council chair leaders want to bring to the JEC. “By making (JEC) it a fun and engaging group, where people want to be involved, yet most importantly, an organization to help members grow and become future leaders in the Oregon National Guard.”
Members of the 142nd Fighter Wing completed the 2nd annual Portland Air National Guard Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) memorial 5K during the Regularly Scheduled Drill (RSD) weekend. The run is in honor of fallen EOD service members in all branches of the U.S. military. While also a deployable unit, the 142nd EOD unit responds statewide and to southwest Washington to ensure the public is safe from explosive hazards.
Oregon Air National Guard members meet in Eugene, Oregon, for a three-day weekend, April 19-21, highlighting professional development, the annual awards banquet and the "Order of the Minuteman" ceremony.
With the passage of Oregon House Bill 4035, members of the Oregon Army and Air National Guard are eligible for state tuition assistance for their college education goals.

Oregon Airspace Initiative

UPDATE: Final Environmental Impact Statement available.

The purpose of the proposed Oregon Airspace Initiative is to provide properly-configured and located military airspace which will provide efficient, realistic mission-oriented training with adequate size, and within reasonably close proximity, to support advanced 21st century air-to-air tactical fighters and evolving training requirements of the Oregon Air National Guard (ANG). To see the full documents click here.

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Welcome to the 142nd Fighter Wing, home to Oregon Air National Guard's Redhawks. Our mission is to provide unequalled, mission ready units to sustain combat aerospace superiority and peacetime taskings any time, any place in service to our nation, state and community. Read more

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